A 'Soulsrpg pack with a culture that centers around a court, it's royalty, and the subjects that follow. Here any questions about the pack can be asked.

We also encourage pack members and non-pack members alike to submit art to us based on CDM!

Things that can be asked here

  • Rank questions, profession's questions, how
    to obtain them, requirements, any clarifications or explanations of these
  • History of CDM questions
  • Plot questions, verification.
  • CDM joining procedures
  • Questions regarding CdM leader policies may be asked but may not be answered on a per question basis.
Things that should be asked here
  • Board-wide policies or rules that affect the entirety of the souls experience.
  • Joining procedures in general
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Things that should not be submitted
  • Hateful or derogetory questions to leaders about members or leaders.
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  • Private requests, please use PM
  • Any in-game maintanence should not be done here


Some all welcome threads for your posting needs

We have a few open threads that could use some loving! Remember that you can get an extra 10 points you join an AW thread in CDM.

Peace is Trending THREAD by Valencia Catori

Within the peace and serenity - THREAD by Evermore

Death to the King - THREAD by Silvano Sadira

June Shuffle, Top Posters, MotM

Shuffle was completed on the first of the month, but was not fully implemented. Don’t worry guys, we are not slacking that bad! 

Congrats to Harvey and Rose on ranking up to Chevalier, otherwise a slow month on rank threads and promotions, but no demotions, so that’s a good thing, yeah?

Our top posters were as follows:
Skoll and Aoves (23 posts)
Rio Marino (19 posts)
Temeraire and Harvey (15 posts)

And our Member of the Month is…..
Congrats and keep up the good work!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy late birthday, Cour des Miracles! There is a bonfire thread pinned to the forum in case you wanted to have a character participate in the event. Non-mandatory of course! Feel free to assume that your characters were present if you want. 

On a side note, those of you who have not checked the news post for May ought to do so, because there are a few important thinks to take note of. I want everyone to do the survey if they can! It’ll really help us out with the Court. 

Have fun, mes chers amis!

Anonymous asked
Does CdM still have a Catacombs-type part of the pack game with shields or something, or was that done away with? I cannot for the life of me find a link, but I might just be blind. ;3

The shield game has definitely poofed. We didn’t really see much use of it, though if there is any interest, we can always bring it back!

Anonymous asked
Are there any plans to integrate Princess Chance and Haven Aatte as pNPCs, or will they remain aNPCs indefinitely?

There are plans to do so, though we are in the process of figuring out details regarding their usage and permission requirements. Honestly, we have been thinking about it, though if you want to use them in the mean time, feel free to pm Meghann for Princess and Erin for Haven until we hash things out.  

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